Welcome to the LTA website!  Here you can stay informed on important topics such as retirement, bargaining, meeting dates and important issues in education that are effecting us here in Lakeside, and our fellow educators throughout the nation.  Thank you for visiting.

Have you returned to school to further your education? The National Education Association (NEA) has launched "Degrees Not Debt," an informational campaign to help NEA members, students, and their families learn about their options to make college more affordable. With over $1.2 TRILLION tied up in student debt in the US, this is an issue that impacts all of us.

As a public employee, there is some relief that you may qualify for!!! Below are links to sites with information on options for student loan assistance programs that teachers can apply for. Check it out- it could literally save you thousands of dollars!

Stafford Loan Forgiveness for Teachers Info:


CTA info on Degrees Not Debt:


NEA info on Degrees Not Debt:


Public Service Loan Forgiveness Info:





Lakeside teachers wear RED for ED every Tuesday! When we wear red we remind each other that we are in this profession to not only teach our students, but to support education and teachers everywhere. Together we are making a difference! What are you waiting for? Wear your red LTA t-shirt (or any red shirt) on Tuesdays to show that we stand together in support of education. Do you need an LTA shirt? Contact your site rep.
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